Selected Published Articles by Richard Kauffmann

  • Image of article published June 14, 1957 in The Jerusalem Post, titled “Eilat Needs Efficient Layout” in which he argues for a longer-range vision for the new port. View an OCR transcribed version.
  • Image of article published December 1, 1952 in The Jerusalem Post, titled “Factors in Official Town and Country Planning“, which is a review and critique of the government publication “Physical Planning in Israel”. View an OCR transcribed version.
  • Image of title page of article published in the November 1926 issue of The Town Planning Review titled “Planning of Jewish Settlements in Palestine“, which reviews the historic, cultural, geographic, environmental and other factors that were considered. View an OCR transcribed version.
  • Page images of “The First Planning of the Haifa-Acre Region (in the years 1925/26) and the Problems of Today“, published by Masada, Tel-Aviv. (Translated to Hebrew from the original.) This article discusses the mistake of not following the author’s original regional planning for the area. View a diagram from the referenced regional plan, “Diagrammatic sketch for regional scheme of the area between Mount Carmel and Acre for the development of the lands of the Haifa bay Development Company”, authored by Richard Kauffmann and published in Jerusalem, January 1926.
  • Page images of “JÜDISCHE SIEDLUNGEN IN PALÄSTINA” (Jewish Settlements in Palestine), published in Special Edition of “Urban” Monthly Magazines For City Architecture, Urban Traffic, Parking And Municipal Engineering XXI. JAHRG. Issue 9-10, Publisher WASMUTH ERNST AG BERLIN W8, Markgrafenstr. 31. Images were scanned from Richard Kauffmann’s personal copy. Text is in German. Contains many drawings of plans for settlements.